It is Polly Maggoo’s turn to ask him the question!

Pépion ?

With his emblematic lenses, Jacques travels the world to dress the portraits of interiors and architectures of both past and present. A faithful collaborator of both designers and collectors, he is who captures the spirit of these places. His home-base might
have been Venice or Osaka, that he knows like the back of his hand, but it is from Paris that he In his apartment, at once both laboratory and cabinet of curiosities, Raku ware and Bakelite live side by side with Napoleon III and 60s furniture. Affable and curious, he remains discreetly discerning. The precision of his gaze is worthy of the spaces he is entrusted with, and he proves a rigorous interpreter in terms of revealing their singularity. His snapshots he prefers to frame

In his digital images, Jacques likes to return to the chromatic softness and depth of subtlety he obtains with the view camera, which he continues to use when he has time in hand to do so. Jacques appreciates the insolence of chance encounters, pretexts for conversations outside time,

Impersonal constructions leave him cold. It is rather imperfections, patinas, and worlds apart that lend nourishment to his taste for the quirky and exceptional. «Jacques is a serious man who likes to have fun.»

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